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How Were the Original Mitigation Options Developed?

During Summer 2018, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) US hosted two webinars, three regional meetings and an online discussion forum as part of an informed consultative process to help identify the mitigation options that companies need to implement the Control Measures detailed in the FSC US National Risk Assessment. Participants included companies that are FSC certified and source Controlled Wood, their suppliers, Certification Bodies (auditors) and other stakeholders actively working to advance responsible forest management and enhance local economic development. 

The three in-person regional meetings – held in Asheville, North Carolina; Atlanta, Georgia; and Portland, Oregon – focused on regionally specific sets of specified risk topics, and were professionally facilitated to ensure efficiency, fairness, and clarity of stakeholder input.

At the regional meetings and through an online discussion forum, participants provided input on: a) proposed mitigation options for each of the risk topics; and b) shared criteria to be used as a lens for evaluating the mitigation options. With each regional meeting, the attendee input was used to further refine the shared criteria, and the criteria were finalized following the third and final meeting. The input provided on mitigation options was comprehensive enough to allow the development of a final draft set of mitigation options that were shared with the Controlled Wood consultative forum for an additional two-week consultation in late-2018. The resulting mitigation options were endorsed by the FSC US Board of Directors in November 2018, approved for use in March 2019 (along with the NRA), and published in the Controlled Wood Regional Meeting Reports.

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