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Why Have More Controlled Wood Regional Meetings in 2022?

We now have several years of experience with the innovative approach to Controlled Wood being implemented in the US (i.e., risk designation, mitigation, and effectiveness monitoring at a landscape level), and are anticipating revision of the FSC US Controlled Wood National Risk Assessment (NRA) in the coming years. Therefore, it is time to revisit decisions made in 2018 about mitigation options and to incorporate learnings from FSC US’s monitoring and evaluation efforts, certificate holder and partner experiences, and any additional new information that will inform potential changes. Similarly, it is important to identify information that may suggest the need for changes to risk designations (i.e., specified risk areas) in the NRA.

During the final months of 2022, FSC US will be hosting a webinar, three regional meetings and an online discussion forum as part of an informed consultative process to help identify if/what changes are needed. 


Participation is encouraged by companies that are FSC certified and source Controlled Wood, their suppliers, Certification Bodies (auditors) and other stakeholders actively working to advance responsible forest management and enhance local economic development. If you have suggestions for potential participants that you believe could provide valuable input into this process, please share this information with FSC US by emailing

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