U.S. National Forest Stewardship Standard

Public Consultation


The Forest Stewardship Council U.S. is pleased to present the first draft of its revised version of the FSC US National Forest Stewardship Standard (Draft V2-1.0-2020) for public consultation. When final and approved, this Standard will be the second version of our existing FSC US Forest Management Standard.


The 75-day public consultation will end on Friday, December 18, 2020 at 4:59PM Central Time.


Following below is information to help stakeholders review the revised standard, understand key issues being addressed, and provide comments as part of this public consultation.


The Forest Stewardship Council is widely recognized as the world’s most trusted certification system due in large part to the quality and rigor of its forest management standards. This draft of the revised National Forest Stewardship Standard offers further refinement of the strong existing standard for the United States, aligning it with the FSC Principles and Criteria Version 5 and the International Generic Indicators.


Our goal is to deliver a standard that is best-in-class and achievable by streamlining the existing standard and addressing a small number of priority issues, identified below. To achieve this goal, we need clear, actionable input from an informed and diverse set of stakeholders.


The purpose of this website is to provide the information you need to participate in the public consultation.

National Forest Stewardship Standard for Review

This draft of the National Forest Stewardship Standard represents an extraordinary level of dedication and effort by a technical Working Group and by the FSC US Board of Directors, who serve as the Standard Development Group.


Working Group members brought extensive technical expertise and operational knowledge representing a broad range of US regions and stakeholders. Throughout, they worked hard to ensure the indicators they recommended were focused and streamlined, clear in intent, and the Standard would be applied consistently across the United States.


The Standard Development Group’s efforts reflect the experience and knowledge of the individuals who comprise our Board of Directors, as well as the values and issues important to their respective membership chambers (Environmental, Social, Economic). The Standard Development Group paid particular attention to the objectives of maintaining and enhancing the integrity and credibility of the standard, promoting clear and substantive on-the-ground impacts, and accessibility and feasibility for current and new certificate holders.


Please begin your review with the Consultation Overview. This document includes a message from the Standard Development Group, a summary of the revision process, a list of people involved, key changes in the standard, and what to expect following this public consultation.


We offer two versions of the revised Standard to support this public consultation:



To assist your review, we have also developed a set of cross-walks to show if and how indicators from the existing standard have been incorporated into the revision.

The Guide to the Consultation Platform” (linked below) also provides some suggestions for how to use your time efficiently.

How to Submit Comments

We encourage you to provide your input through the FSC Consultation Platform. However, the Standard Development Group has also invited stakeholders to submit comments via letter emailed to FM.revision@us.fsc.org, if this makes it easier for you to submit comments. Comments received before the end of the consultation period on Friday December 18 will be incorporated into the public consultation report. Comments received later than the 18th may not be included in the consultation report and will be considered by the Standard Development Group as time allows.


If submitting comments via the Consultation Platform, we encourage you to first review our “Guide to the Consultation Platform” which provides a full index of the sections in the Consultation Platform.


Please note that registration to the consultation platform is required to submit comments.

Please also note that to formally submit your comments, you must jump to the final section in the Consultation Platform and click the ‘Submit’ button.


To be formally considered, comments must be submitted in English, and be accompanied with the contributor's full name, contact details and the capacity in which they are commenting. Comments that do not include these details will be addressed as capacity allows. Anonymous comments will not be considered. Comments and their attribution will be publicly available unless the contributor explicitly requests that the comments be treated as confidential.

Issue Overviews

At the start of the revision process, the Standard Development Group identified a set of priority issues to be addressed. The following issue overviews are designed to support stakeholder engagement in the public consultation by describing the issues concisely, identifying the relevant parts of the standard, and offering key questions to address when providing comments.




The 75-day public consultation will end on Friday, December 18, 2020 at 4:59PM Central Time.


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If you have questions about the public consultation, please contact FM.Revision@us.fsc.org

Background information about the revision process, and how it will proceed after this consultation, is available at the FSC US Forest Management Standard Revision 2018-2022 webpage.